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Invest in Invisible Protection & Protect Your Investment

for Windshield Protection is an excellent product to protect your vehicles windshield from flying stones, inclement weather conditions etc. Protektor film™ provides a barrier between the object and the windshield absorbing the shock and protecting the windshield from chipping or cracking, thus saving the owner from costly windshield replacement. It has excellent clarity and hydrophobicity. The tough, durable, virtually invisible polyester film will keep vehicles windshield protected without changing the design features or color. Ideal for race cars, luxury cars, buses, fleet vehicles, construction vehicles.

is PROTEKTOR Coating Liquid, applied over the PROTEKTOR Windshield Protection Film. A transparent, scratch resistant coating, adheres to the flexible substrate, forming a transparent, scratch resistant and extremely hydrophobic barrier on the flexible and transparent substrate film that can achieve a pencil surface hardness greater than 7H.