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Enneagram Affairs – Types And Compatibility Principle

Enneagram or Enneagram of individuality is a historical system that defines various character kinds. It had been introduced by Oscar Ichazo, a Bolivian psycho-spiritual instructor throughout 1950s. It is often commonly marketed in spirituality and business administration framework initially, but afterwards into personality faculties. This individuality characteristic idea has-been about the most topics in several publications. It talks about how each character kind can act with other people. All sorts inside Enneagram program are powered by their unique motivations, leading them to have various goals. This individuality structure makes it possible to understand how to enhance healthier interactions, conduct, or reasons regarding the some other celebration. This post explores ideas on how to determine your own Enneagram, which character kinds go really, what precisely the being compatible is actually, and more regarding the Enneagram relationship. Scroll right down to find considerably more details.

Enneagram Kinds

Enneagram is a personality framework that can help comprehend an individual’s reasons, battles, concerns, and prominent behaviors.

In line with the examination, you’ll find nine different character kinds. The following is an easy low-down ones all:

Kind 1: The Reformer

These are typically extremely industrious, perfectionist, principled, and persistent individuals.

They will have a sense of mission that frequently assists them overcome troubles and shine through crude times.


  • They hold on tight securely with their maxims.
  • On their behalf, there is always room for enhancement.
  • They’ve been genuine and thoughtful towards interactions.


  • Reformers are too crucial and strict inside their thinking.
  • Their particular important sound may also result in insecurity when you look at the companion.
  • They could be judgmental and condescending some times.

Type 2: The Helper

They might be reasonable people that want to put most energy into connections and in helping others. They go the excess kilometer to please folks and care for them.


  • These are typically genuine and make certain their companion feels adored.
  • Type 2s are great audience.
  • They’re thinking about such things as really love, family, and friendship.


  • They could come to be over-involved in others’ resides.
  • They may be possessive and needy.
  • Types 2s have a concern about worthlessness.
  • They often times ignore unique needs.

Type 3: The Achiever

Achievers are recognized for their unique inspired and flexible nature.

They truly are success-oriented and logical.

When they’re at their best, achievers are great role designs who is going to encourage other individuals.


  • They’ve been devoted and sincere people.
  • These include successful and get fantastic talents and abilities.
  • They could adjust quickly.


  • Type 3s’ determination towards achievements takes their own focus faraway from feelings.
  • They might be overly worried about their unique self image.
  • They prevent deep emotional contacts.

Type 4: The Individualist

Individualists tend to be delicate and expressive beings.

Their mental honesty draws folks towards all of them, it may make certain they are moody and temperamental in some instances.


  • Type 4s aren’t scared of emotions and also interactions with great degree.
  • Obtained a substantial feeling of identification.
  • These are typically imaginative and forward-thinking folks.


  • Type 4s is too self-absorbed on occasion.
  • They often times feel unsure of these self image and shortage a clear and secure identity.
  • They cannot forget about the last.

Type 5: The Detective

If you have something that tends to make Type 5s unlike other people, it really is their unique innovative and interested self. From the cosmos to day-to-day behaviors, they delve deeper inside functions of just how things work.


  • They might be aware, interested, and informative.
  • They usually have a distinctive power to store every piece of information within mind.
  • These include separate and get
    great limits.


  • An excessive amount of logic and functionality cause them to become detached.
  • Their particular boundaries can occasionally come to be too tight to make it difficult in order to create emotional associations.
  • These are typically capable, this can lead to arrogance from time to time.

Type 6: The Loyalist

Committed, dependable, and hardworking – Type 6s frequently have lasting connections.

They are the people that wont leave a sinking ship and wait for their family up until the end.


  • They prioritize connections which happen to be honest and steady.
  • They might be exceptionally responsible and community-oriented.
  • Type 6s know their own stresses and locate ways to get over them with self-confidence and service.


  • Their main anxiety is actually failing of self-esteem.
  • Loyalists stress many.
  • They’ve got a dubious nature which can provide them with insecurity regarding their interactions.

Type 7: The Enthusiast

Type 7s tend to be flexible, impulsive, and optimistic those who consistently find brand-new encounters. This temperament can, but cause them to become spread and distracted often times. At their finest, they consider their valuable objectives being happy and delighted.


  • They’ve been highly enthusiastic and method existence with a sense of adventure.
  • Type 7s are superb at brainstorming and learn circumstances easily.
  • While in a
    committed connection
    , these are typically very dedicated and committed.


  • They quickly get sidetracked and lose their particular focus.
  • They could run from relationships which make all of them feel too-much too soon.
  • They don’t feel pleased conveniently.

Type 8: The Opposition

Challengers are powerful, dominating, and decisive people that can take power over things and improve all of them. At their best, Type 8s tend to be inspiring, magnanimous, and passionate.


  • These include magnetic people that love to deal with problems and succeed in life.
  • They might be hard on the outside but are tender-hearted.
  • Challengers are outspoken and action-oriented.


  • They could be hostile, domineering, and daunting.
  • They will have high egos to safeguard themselves from any damage or discomfort.
  • Type 8s find it difficult admitting their unique vulnerabilities.

Type 9: The Peacemaker

The peacemakers are known for their particular easy-going, trustworthy, and steady faculties. They are also called the crown associated with the Enneagram since they are on top of the Enneagram symbol.


  • They create a comfortable area for all around them.
  • These include pleasant and easy-going.
  • They eliminate conflicts and often simplify things to minimize difficulties.


  • Type 9s will hightail it from tensions of life by numbing aside.
  • They often skip to handle themselves.
  • They do not like persistent people and disagreements.

Now that you’ve a reasonable concept about various Enneagram kinds purpose, we think you may need to know which Enneagram you portray. Thus, why hold off? Jump to another location part.

How-to Determine Your Own Enneagram

Below are some strategies you’ll be able to follow to ascertain your sort and comprehend Enneagram connections better:

  • Using The Internet Enneagram Test:

    There are numerous compensated and free of charge Enneagram assessments available on the internet. Might consist of a selection of questions to judge your motives, responses to circumstances, worries, and strengths.

  • Read The Enneagram Explanations:

    As soon as through with your test, browse thoroughly about them. You could relate to the explanations authored above.

  • Any Additional Tips:

    In case you are however unsure concerning your sort, you’ll get deeper inside Enneagram idea and check out the triads or the Enneagram wings. With this, it is important to carry out comprehensive investigation. Thus, be sure to make reference to guides or even the Enneagram Institute.

Once you have zeroed in on your own character type, the next thing is to get the Enneagram kinds suitable for you. Keep scrolling getting an insight to the union pairings that work well-according into the Enneagram kind.

StyleCraze Trivia

On getting an Enneagram test, you might be examined as a specific kind, and rank high on an adjacent number. That is called a “wing.” Which means the dominating sort is affected by the adjacent kind.

Which Types Go Really Together?

Here are some common Enneagram union pairings that may go well with each other:

The perfectionist and dedicated Type 1s (The Reformers) are usually drawn to Type 2s (The Helpers) as a result of latter’s compassionate character. The daring and carefree character of Type 7s (The Enthusiasts) goes well making use of hardworking and steadfast Type 1s. All of them also share an Enneagram line, deciding to make the relationship between Enneagram 1 and 7 complementary.

Type 2s (The Helpers) contemplate other individuals so much which they ignore their own requirements. This is when Type 3s (The Achievers) can enable these to just take a stand. Kind 2s additionally help Type 3s within desires and encourage them to be successful. Type 8s (The Challengers) empower Type 2s is well informed, plus return, Type 2s assistance Kind 8s to let go of their vulnerabilities.

Type 3s’ (The Achievers) single-mindedness find refuge in Kind 9s’ (The Peacemakers) easy-going character. Type 9s service Kind 3s and accept them because they are. Kind 3s ensure the happy-go-lucky Type 9s discover respect and worth in daily life.

Type 4s (The Individualists) are extreme beings and they are attracted to similar personalities like Type 5s (The Investigators) and kind 9s (The Peacemakers). While Enneagram 4 and 5 commitment hinges on obvious communication and stimulating link, Enneagram 4 and 9 connection is approximately passion and strength sort 4s bring to Type 9s’ life. Type 9s are non-judgmental and provide a safe space for Type 4s.

Type 5s (The Investigators) fit really with Type 1s (The Reformers) because they are both motivated and love the search for details. On the other hand, Enneagram 5 connection with Type 2s (The Helpers) is actually a good example of opposites draw in. The big-hearted Type 2s push Type 5s to engage even more with folks, while the second shows the previous become more independent and positive.

  • Kind 6, 7, And 8 With Sort 9

People that have Type 9s (The Peacemakers) should feel lucky because they generally match all Enneagram kinds. They feature a calm and soothing space for Type 6s (The Loyalists) who is going to be quite stressed and questionable. Enneagram 7 and 9 commitment is about managing the positive fuel of Type 7s (The Enthusiasts) with a mellow feeling of Type 9s. The self-confident Type 8s (The Challenger) can definitely benefit from the business associated with peaceful Type 9s.

While Type 9s (The Peacemakers) pair really with many kinds, they especially gravitate towards Type 1s (The Reformers) and Type 2s (The Helper). In an Enneagram 9 and 1 connection, Type 1s make Type 9s much more challenging, and kind 9s calm the interior critic of Type 1s. Type 9s and kind 2s show the same approach to life. Even their particular differences enhance each other. While Type 9s worth Type 2s devotion, Type 2s help kind 9s get a dynamic character in daily life.

Develop the aforementioned number will need to have answered your primary concerns concerning being compatible between two Enneagram kinds. For a deeper understanding of how compatibility features in this system, head to next section.

What’s The Compatibility Theory?

The answer to understanding how being compatible operates between two Enneagram types is going to be familiar with your personality attributes and recognize the partner’s figure attributes. Given just below is actually the Enneagram program helps figure out the affinity between two personality types:

Enneagram compatibility is focused on understanding your very own self. All Enneagram combinations can perhaps work really if associates have actually a top standard of self-awareness. Listed below are some fundamental instructions that figure out being compatible:

  • Two people that a high degree of self-awareness much better at interactions.
  • Two people with a lower life expectancy amount of self-awareness may continue the connection but has some issues.
  • If a person person has actually a higher degree of self-awareness while the different has a reduced amount, they could wind up unclear and distressed.

This structure also can evaluate other forms of relationships, including the Enneagram parent-child union. The device could also be used for team-couples building exercises.

  • The Answer To Recognition Individuality

You can utilize this framework available the weaknesses and strengths of Enneagram connections and realize your spouse better. It gives you you the opportunity to work on individual development and discover more empathy together with your partner.

According to research by the Enneagram Institute, it is possible that two exact same kinds believe attracted to each other because of parallels. But it can also result in some issues. As an instance, when two kind 2s get together, they may be supporting and nurturing, but since they are therefore focused on becoming helpers, they could find it difficult to take the really love off their partners. Therefore, knowing Enneagram kinds assists them embrace both’s personalities and minmise problems.

Because the Enneagram system ended up being launched for a common software, there is no masculine or elegant context for the types. But since our world has stereotypes in various societies, could recognize some attributes as masculine or feminine. In short, gender can enjoy a role in deciding which kinds tend to be more certified with one sex.

While we are unable to regulate how exactly each kind behaves, listed below are some suggestions which make good sense.

StyleCraze Trivia

Multiple efforts are increasingly being enabled to make use of Enneagram as a tool in mental therapy. Many researchers believe that it could be utilized in modern-day psychology to bring significant character and relationship growth.

Exactly How Each Character Techniques Romance

  • Type 1:

    They might be persistent, and that programs within their interactions also. Type 1s retain their own convictions and attempt to bring enhancement inside their commitment.

  • Type 2:

    They have been really caring and nurturing, helping their own spouse feel safe at ease. They grab added making their unique lovers think liked and seen.

  • Type 3:

    The Achievers place their own 100% into a connection and inspire their particular spouse that everything is feasible.

  • Type 4:

    They’ve got deep associations because they are maybe not scared of different feelings and feelings. Type 4s also have an original capability to make spouse feel liked and cherished.

  • Type 5:

    The good thing about Type 5s is because they hear their particular partner and note all of them closely discover approaches to make certain they are pleased. Also they are rather accepting and stay as a trusted energy behind their particular companion.

  • Kind 6:

    The Loyalists are perfect lovers regarding constructing trust and emotional closeness. Thoughts is broken together with them, they prioritize the connection.

  • Type 7:

    They are usually viewed as flighty, but as soon as Type 7s enter into a connection, they could be rather dedicated and loving. Also, the adventure and adventure never finish using them near you.

  • Type 8:

    The Challengers are tender-hearted and long for
    deep connections
    . They feature mutual trust and esteem while maintaining the love flame lively.

  • Type 9:

    They create a cushty room for his or her spouse and steer clear of issues by fixing them immediately.

Enneagram is actually a character platform that centers on various individuality kinds and assists comprehend ones own motivations, fears, battles, and behaviors. Be it the reformer, the challenger, the individualist, or even the peacemaker, each Enneagram kind functions in a different way. That is why a deep comprehension of them through an on-line Enneagram examination might help determine your own Enneagram union. Additionally, having a-deep degree of self-awareness, producing a comfy area for interaction, and understanding the pros and cons of your own spouse will help foster enjoying and deep connections.


Can trauma replace your Enneagram?

No. Enneagram numbers never transform. The Enneagram kinds additionally include youth traumatization to assess the way they may influence your individuality. In the event that you experience traumatic occasions in adulthood, that’ll not influence the Enneagram wide variety, which reflects your key individuality attributes.

Crucial Takeaways

  • Oscar Ichazo, a Bolivian psycho-spiritual teacher, introduced Enneagram during the 1950s.
  • Enneagram is an individuality platform that will help comprehend a person’s reasons, struggles, worries, and dominant actions.
  • All Enneagram combinations could work really if lovers have actually a higher amount of self-awareness.

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