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The PROTEKTOR FILM series is developed to provide protection to the surface it is applied to. Creating an invisible barrier between the everyday wear and tear and the surface it is applied on. When applied to the painted surface of a vehicle it prevents swirls and scratches, as a result the underlying surface remains as new for several years.

PROTEKTOR FILM absorbs the impact of stones and gravel and anything else that might impact the vehicles proteckted surface.

What does Surface Protection Film Protect?

 Surface Protection Film provides protection from stone chips, minor scratches, harmful effects of chemicals, bird droppings, and other road hazards.

PROTEKTOR FILM does not stop or prevent damage to the vehicle body in case of an accident, however it provides a barrier to help protect the vehicles paint, with PDR (Paintless dent repair) services available it might be possible to repair the damage without the requirement of painting, therefore keeping the original integrity of the vehicle intact. HEAL Series films have a self-healing property which is designed to repair itself from swirl marks and light scratches.

How to maintain PROTEKTOR FILM?

Maintenance required for maintaining PROTEKTOR FILM is much less as compared to paint.

To keep the surface looking new and easier to clean we recommend using PROTEKTOR After Care products.

Please visit the After Care section.

 Does PROTEKTOR FILM affect the look of the paint?

PROTEKTOR FILM HEAL Series protects the paint against damage and keeps it in showroom condition year after year, while the film itself remains virtually invisible. While the HEAL MATTE Series provide a Matte finish to the surface it is applied on.

 Can wax be applied to the Surface Protection Film?

No, we do not recommend waxing your vehicle as some waxes might change color with heat and alter the look of the surface. You can simply wash your vehicle with a wax free shampoo, or use the PROTEKTOR WASH. RENEW can be used occasionally to remove light dust or dirt.

 Can ceramic coatings be applied to the Surface Protection Film?

While ceramic coatings can be applied to PROTEKTOR FILM, We recommend consulting with your installer or the manufacturer of the coating and testing a small discreet area first.

 Can Surface Protection Film be applied on top of a ceramic coated surface?

While PROTEKTOR FILM can be applied on ceramic coated surfaces we do not recommend it, as applying PROTEKTOR FILM on top of a ceramic coating may produce varying results.

Can PROTEKTOR FILM be removed?

Yes, PROTEKTOR FILM can be removed safely, without residue even years after application without affecting the paint.

 Who can apply the Surface Protection Film?

Applying Surface Protection Film can be challenging for even those that are properly trained. It is highly recommended that the film is installed by a professional.

 What parts of the car can the Surface Protection Film be applied to?

PROTEKTOR FILM can be applied to all areas of the vehicle that have been professionally painted. These areas include but are not limited to bumpers, fenders, hood/bonnet, mirrors, doors, roof, and trunk/boot.

How do you maintain PROTEKTOR FILM once applied?

See our After Care section for more ways to maintain PROTEKTOR FILM.

What is the warranty for PROTEKTOR FILM?

Please visit our Warranty Page for more details.

Can Paint Protection Film be applied over vinyl used for color change or stripes?

Surface Protection Film can be applied over vinyl.

 What about paint fading under the sun?

Yes. every painted surface does that. PROTEKTOR FILM is UV stable and will not discolor, it will stop most of the UV radiation from being transmitted allowing the paint to age at a lower rate under the film than those areas which remain unprotected.

 Is Paint Protection Film expensive?

Having to repaint a bumper, hood, or wing with the risk of color difference and ultimately losing the original factory paint, giving a lower trade-in value, making the integrity of the vehicle questionable. With PROTEKTOR FILM installed you can enjoy your vehicle for years with the factory painted surface.

Can I Order Online?

You may email us with your specific enquiry, and we will reply at the earliest possible time.

Do You Ship to My Country?

Depending on where you are located and no restrictions apply, we can ship.

How long Does It Take to Get My Order?

Delivery time depends on the service type chosen , usually it should reach within 6 to 14 days.